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Accommodation is B&B, and is to be found locally.


Details are shown below.  [ And far bottom for Google search hits ..... ]


Attendees at the 2009 event managed to find and enjoy suitable B&B type accommodation in, or near, Shrewton.


Maps are also provide, as well as grid coordinates and UK postcode to help SatNav guys and gals.


Further accommodation may be found slightly further afield at Salisbury, but personal transport is then required.


A start ! :-


Other B&Bs roughly in order of distance from venue:

Plume Of Feathers (cheap, near)  //----- this may be temporarily unavailable - unfortunately.

High St
Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4BZ

01980 620201 George Inn, Shrewton (accommodation?)

Rolleston Manor - (good, quite expensive)

Shrewton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 4HF - 01980 620216 (looks nice)
Watergate Lane, Bulford
Amesbury, Salisbury, SP4 9DY

Winterbourne Stoke
Salisbury, SP3 4TF

catkin lodge bed and breakfast hotel - more info »

93 countess rd, amesbury, SP4 7AT - 01980 624 810

CE Bridger - more info »

Netton, Salisbury, Salisbury, SP4 - 01722 782535

Grayling House Bed and Breakfast - more info »

Warminster Road, Stoford, Salisbury, SP2 0PJ - 01722 790 219


Review(s) :-


"Grayling house was nice, clean, hospitable etc.  Smallish since it’s an old house but with modern facilities (i.e. en suite shower). 

Only downside is it’s a bit far away from the venue so you have to drive there 7 miles across winding country roads.  You also want

to make sure you reverse into the parking spaces because you have no visibility to reverse out onto the main road it’s on.  I’d stop

there again if I can’t find somewhere within walking distance of the venue."




Better still do it yourself with Google :-





I am sure if you don't leave it till the last minute you will have no problems in getting a suitable place

not too far from the church hall.


*** REMEMBER ***

Don't book accommodation until you know you have been accepted for registration.


You could however, make a provisional booking if you are worried about places going quickly.


Now send in your emails to me and I will send you the cash registration details and procedure.  See the

subsection a couple on from here for these details.


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.