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Dieter Crispien - Training & Fox Pro

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See what can be done with your existing DBF files.


Within minutes of downloading the FREE driver from Microsoft, start accessing your DBF data

using SQL statements familiar to all SQL database users.


This use of existing DBF data, while adding SQL 'flavoured' code, may be part of your strategy to

allow you to move over to SQL from DBF technology while keeping your app running and in service.


Dieter Crispien - use your DBFs with SQL 'select' statements .....


clip0068     clip0071     clip0081


clip0073   clip0075   clip0086


clip0087        [ the Big, the Small and the Tall - of Dieter Crispien ... ]



Also visit the ADS folder as this gives you even more choices for forming a strategy.


PHH - Sunday May 30th. 2010.