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Food and Drink - throughout the day

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Alwyn's wife Gay has kindly agreed to repeat her sterling efforts of last year, and provide the refreshments.


Attendees at the 2009 event will remember the excellent food and drink provided in the hall itself.


The kitchen is well stocked and provides a good basis for self service food and drink, provided by Gay.


Each attendee pays about £12 towards the refreshment costs for the event, and this is included in the

overall fee of £49.


Vegetarians are catered for, but I suggest that if you have any particular dietary needs you let me know at :-


You are expected to pay for your own breakfast and evening meals.


If a BBQ (or similar) is arranged as for the 2009 event, payment is covered by your registration fee - effectively it is FREE.


[ You may like to contribute on the wine and beer 'front' however ;-) ]


We all had a tremendous time last year ;O)


If by some fluke or disaster, there was no such get-together, then no refund will be made for your FREE BBQ !!


Fingers crossed this will not happen.


[ *** Update *** now we have the larger hall, we actually have the facility to have an indoor BBQ event if required. ]


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.