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from Suilven Associates

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As posted in 'GoVulcan' web site :


I've just got to say that I am still in shock. We used DevShare as a deadline for transporting one of our VO apps to Vulcan.

Goodness knows how many lines but it compiles to about 12Mbytes in VO. It took 5 man-days to clean the code in VO2.8

then about 1 hour to do a final transport.


And then it just ran. It amazed me because this app is full of glitz - everything is owner-drawn - even groupboxes consist of a

"tasteful" top and left engraved line only; tabs are owner-drawn. And all menus, screen prompts and tooltips are translated on

creation into a foreign language. 3D browsers, buttons that look like Office; you name it, and we have embellished it. Most of

our code is written in dispatch(). I thought Vulcan would choke on something like this. The only things it choked on were our bits

of bad coding!


I'll write up our experience for others because there was some lost time in there. And I'll post some screen shots over the

weekend. We've got all our corrections back in VO, so re-transporting to Vulcan is a snap. I was expecting a slow changeover

period, but I don't think that is going to be the case. We do need to write a couple of modules in dotNet before we make the big

switch, but that's all.


You hear so many users say things like "We tried the new version, but it was so different, we couldn't cope." If we had rewritten

for dotNet, we would have changed so much that our users might be saying that about us. Now they will move to dotNet without

realising, but our development opportunities will be widened beyond imagination.


So great credit to Brian and the team (including Don, if he is listening). It's been a long journey but you have hit exactly the right

spot at the right time for us. I'm still stunned that we had to do so little work for such a large reward.


A really really big THANK YOU.


Dave Francis


Here is an attempt to show the wonderful GUI in some meaningful way - not really possible in such a small space available :


Suilven Associates PrintPlan IV planning window - VO to Vulcan




Suilven Associates PrintPlan IV tab window - VO to Vulcan



Here are a couple of screen dumps from our transported 'PrintPlan' app as promised.


The reason we have chosen these particular windows is that the browsers and tabs on each window are owner drawn and written

by us, and we wanted to point out that there were no problems with this code when transporting to Vulcan.


In fact, we have had no problems at all with any of our window painting.


Bev Francis - for Suilven Associates { and the Chief washer-upper!}



DevShare Team

February 2010.