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Imagine - what could be ! - only if !!

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{ and maybe not also .... }




Platinum subscription !  - what have I gotten myself into ?




Alwyn : "Excuse me, has 'one' read my book?"

Robert : "Don't be silly, it doesn't speak 'Double Dutch' ! "

Fabrice : "That's fab messieurs ! - I will take deux"




Brian :  "Take that one Robert, it matches your hair colour! "

Robert :  "Okay, I like fresh hair - gets to the parts that other Repos don't even open !"




Marc : "Swap you a beer for a copy of the book !?"

Alwyn : "You must be off your cheese, young Dutchman."




Alwyn : "Dear Lord, one of these please - by my bed when I wake in the morning !?"

Aside : Bright young salesman - also must have met Dan ... read on ....




Robert : "How often do you DeWitt ... come to this place I mean ?  It's a bit up-market for me! "

Marianne :  "Look Dan I can do your hands thing !  not telling that rubbish story of yours however!"  

Aside :  Read on to understand that joke.




Alwyn :  "No thanks, my wife would not like the colours."




Dieter :  what's German for ... "eenie, meenie, minie, mo" ?


[ a serious note :- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :- "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe", which can be spelled a number of ways,

is a children's counting rhyme, used to select a person to be "it" for games and similar purposes.


The rhyme has existed in various forms since the 1850s, or perhaps earlier, and is common in many languages, with

similar-sounding nonsense syllables.


Since many similar counting rhymes existed earlier, it is difficult to ascertain this rhyme's exact origin. ]

Bloody useful though, when you have an important conference to run !!!




Dieter :  "And after lunch I will be driving the yellow Porsche."




>> A personal but International read from 'The Book' ". <<


Chris :  "It would be twice that think if you had written it in Greek!"

My new found mate :  "I like the pictures, not much German, and even fewer jokes!"

Terge :  "Just keep on reading, I'll drink the beer."

Robert :  "Load of old rubbish, if you ask me ...."

Ginny :  "I can't see how it can improve my golf ! ... are there any schematics ? "




Pick the odd one out :-


[ Aside - yes they are all odd in many ways - but it is not a trick question ! ]


{ First idea, " ... and then there were three .... }



Terge :  "Look, after beer I drink tea ... awful stuff !"

Peter :  "Has anybody seen my motorbike ? .. I'm out of here!"

Unknown :  "Just keep my name out of this ...."




Phil :  "Well blow me over ....   I'll have to have this one, it's the colour of my favourite coat !"




Aside :  Hey! look, in the back there ..... isn't that the mysterious bloke on skis, and in holes playing a guitar and things ?


That's it 'Mike Mysterioso' - one of our Italian colleagues !


Thomas :  "Don't look at me Phil, I'm gazing the other way - I sometimes sleep with my eyes open!

That's usually when I am looking after the children. "




Dieter :  "Hey, have I got a conference for yoooou hooo !?  -  none of this DevShare nonsense !!"




Dan :  " If they cut my hands off I would be speechless ... "

Aside  : Look, its that Italian bloke again - Gilliano Guitari !

Marianne : thinks ... "Oh no!  he told me this one last week."



Dan :  "To cut a long story short ... have you heard this one Marianne"




Dan :  "You ain't heard nothing yet, watch my fingers ...."

Guilliano thinks ... "How the hell do I get out of this one, I been listening since last Thursday !? "

Marianne :  thinks ... "he hasn't noticed me moving my chair back yet, just a few more meters to go!"




Fabrice thinks : " .... that's him, the story teller .. 'Hands Christian Logan', was that his name ?

         better know as Andersen or something.  Oh mon dieur ! "




Brian : thinks ...  "Just keep those hands in your pockets, and let me do all the talking for once."

Dan : thinks ...  "Blimey, I can't get a word in edgeways - might as well have my tongue cut out."



Shakespeare had "the Seven Ages of Man" :


DevShare has "the Seven faces of Robert" :-



"Look, you just drive, and I'll do all the singing!"



"That bloke's pinched my beer - I don't care if he is Mr. Vulcan - give it me back! "



"Hey, I can be as mysterious as you ... I bet they don't know who they are looking at."

"Oh!,  Terge seems to have run out of beer - again."




"Well, if you don't touch the keys at least you won't get any runtime errors!"

"I learned that trick from Willie's session on Effective Error Handling - or not !"



"Who is this guy who is always following me ?"

"Don't you think I look a bit like the Pope with this nice blue muffler around my neck?"



clip0043                                       clip0045

"Can't count this as 'one', its too small! - anyway, it's not my good side."


"OK then, if I sit hear long enough it will take a picture of me ....  I wonder what's for lunch."





Last, but not least .....


"At least they don't pay him to talk all that drivel !"



If anyone is offended by these images, and what they may mean or stand for ... then go see

Willie Moore, it's all his fault, I stole the whole lot from his web site ;-)


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.