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DevShare - the Concept

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[ thanks to Microsoft and Windows 7 ..... ]


Attendees :-


In 2009, the title of our proposed 'get together' was termed 'DevShare' by our friend and colleague Paul Piko.


He realized that it was to be based on the idea of developers getting together to help each other, and share

their positive experiences.


The basic concept was that all attending should be prepared to contribute anything they knew to help others,

and that all attending do so - in order to learn as much as they could.


We expected then, and still do now, that some may come with little to offer others - and that is fine too, as

long as they wish to learn, and not get in the way of others learning.


To reflect this 'concept' you may find that some sessions are from familiar friends and colleagues, who are

simply farther down the line of VN and dotNet itself.


Yes, we hope to have TEAM members to address us, but there is now much experience gained by standard

guys, which can be very supportive to us and our application developments.  So, "TEAM guidance" and 'self help'

is probably a good way to describe the event - Oh! and fun too ;-)


One extremely important aspect of the event, is to provide attendees with a range of working VN code samples,

and samples which cover common ground, and basic issues which trouble us all.


Management :-


The few guys doing the management have busy lives and so we are trying to minimize the time we need to

devote to get the show off the ground ;-)


For this reason we are trying to do things very differently to DevFest and VODC.  And providing a download

facility in place of an event CD/DVD is just one of the ways we can save time and effort.


Attendees are expected to organize their own accommodation - using the B&B details in the 'Accommodation'

section.  This seemed to work quite well last year, and some guys are returning to the same B&B establishment

as last year.  They are jealously guarding their preferred addresses !  So get in early and provisionally book

your rooms - a number have already.


Please note that the cost of the event is virtually free to all attendees - just £49 being expected to cover a small

hall hire charge, and some related expenses, and food and refreshments throughout the day.  BBQ is FREE to all

if it goes ahead.


The organizers will attempt to help provide a useful 'contribution' towards any expense that Willie and Robert may incur,

but it is just a contribution - unfortunately.  Chris has been good enough to give us his time, as well as not burden

the event organisers with any contribution to his travel - THANKS Chris, much appreciated !!!


The good news is that this simple approach, and 'lean and mean' style did attract a few happy attendees in 2009,

so lets try and repeat this shall we ?


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.