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Presentation Sessions 2010

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Well, things have moved along a lot since I first posted here regarding the session content.


We now have twelve reasonably definite sessions from a range of experienced guys from all

corners of the globe.  Attendees should be well pleased ;-)


It would appear that the list of times and titles in the next section is reasonably self explanatory.


Just keep in mind that the organising committee has tried to put in front of attendees as many

useful sessions as possible to help them focus on moving apps from the world of VO into the world

of Vulcan and dotNet.


We have tried to give you all ideas and materials to help you after transportation, and only the last

session is looking at where you may be headed in the future - more of a 'heads up', and what you

have to look forward to, in the way of making development and coding easier.


We have attempted to address the GUI integration quite seriously, as well as the data base possible

solutions after transportation.  Support material issues are also very high on our agenda.


Finally, it would appear from news Group postings that we can expect to see Vulcan in Visual Studio

2010 and by VN we mean Vulcan.NET 2.0 as its official 'title' is at the moment.


It would appear that this second release of the Vulcan product is a vastly improved product and a

'Must Have' by any previous VO developer, if they intend to be around for a few more years to come.


Personally, I can't wait to see all this interesting stuff ;O))


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.