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Paul Piko - "FaceLift" ... move your GUI

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International Guest Presenter - Mr. Paul Piko :




[ *** Thinks : "Shall I have two sausages, or three ?" ]




[ Thinks : "Whoops! they seem to come in groups of four !!" ]


Paul Piko - the "FaceLift" tool to remove the work and tedium from moving GUI stuff across formats.


If anyone has ever done any real work with moving GUI screens control layouts from one format to another,

like VO to Forms, then they will realise what a huge and boring task it is - but necessary !


This tool will prove to be worth it's weight in gold in months and years to come.  I think it is professionally

designed and built, AND, worth every penny being asked.


Good Luck with your 'cross GUI' work ;-)


PHH - Sunday May 30th. 2010.