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Proposed Dates & Times

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The Recreation Hall has been provisionally booked for :-


May 20th. - 22nd. Thursday 12.00 noon until Saturday 6.00 pm


This is a similar (but improved) time span as the recent event - DevShare 2009.


I have been able to bring forward the hall 'opening' time when booking the Recreation Hall.


This now allows me to start the sessions at 3.00 pm 'sharp' .  Since we have a lot of good presentations to fit in

and Willie is to deliver three - one on each day.


It seemed most appropriate to start with Willie since he has made a HUGE commitment to travel over from Alabama USA.


So make sure you are present and correct for the three o'clock start, and to welcome Willie to our shores once again.


The hall is open from 8.00 / 8.15 am on each of the full days, Friday and Saturday.


Although most of us will need to register electronically well before the event, we will have an official 'reception' to

welcome all, and to see if anyone is missing, so we can send out search parties and the like.  This will start at 2.00 pm,

and give us an hour to settle things down before Willie entertains us!  He will start with his newly developed 'RightSLE' for

dotNet, and I for one am VERY interested to see this presentation.


So please keep me informed as to your likely time of arrival, if you do intend to be much different to the

12.00 noon - 2.00 pm suggested.


[ We would like to get started more promptly than last year - just remember the first session begins at 3.00 pm. ]


It is important that all registered guys make a BIG effort to attend the complete event, and are present throughout.  The

management have used sponsorship and other monies to get quality sessions for your enlightenment, so don't leave

early, or be at the other end of the hall chatting about "this and that".


It is intended that a larger slice of time will be available on the Saturday afternoon, for guys to complete their personal

tasks, whether transportation or other.  So please stick around - remember you are expected to 'chip-in', not just

'take-out' !


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.