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VERY Recent 'new' NEWS !

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Thanks to Colin, here is an image target of where you are headed if you are an attendee !!!




Plenty of parking out of view as well as by the main door way - next to the red car.


Hope this keeps Dieter happy ;-)


The place is bigger than it looks, they have the village cinema evenings inside - we will have more than enough room.



VNT material on CD :


Dieter Crispien has recently produced and released a Vulcan.NET Training (VNT) disk which should prove VERY

useful to all guys wishing to learn more about Vulcan and related topics.


He will spend 30 minutes (no more I believe) on Thursday evening (around 6.00 pm) telling us what is on offer

for us all on the CD.  The web link you need to see more is :-


'VNT' full details ...


If I am not mistaken the home page has a nice picture (photograph) of Rudi looking very puzzled over a laptop.


Rudiger is the technical expert at VODC ;-)



This is the first time I have refreshed this section for quite some time !  We are now 25 in total before London

VOUG guests arrive.


Venue Change :


The hall we are using has been changed form the original one, and is now the Recreation Hall, which is next

to the sports field in the village.  It has a large car park right next to the main entrance so unloading and loading

equipment should be very easy indeed.


Believe it or not, the facilities appear to be even better than last year, with an excellent kitchen to hand, as well

as a larger hall area.


Location :


The Recreation hall is situated not very far from the one used last year, so returning guys and gals should not

have too much trouble finding their whereabouts !


I suggest you watch this space for more detail (and maybe a photo or two) when Alwyn returns from his holiday.


No sooner said than done - AJB is back from abroad, and has sent me this new map :-





And here is his message to go along with it ......


"Hi, The Post Code for 'The Rec' is 'SP3 4JX', highlighted at 'A' on the map of Shrewton below.  The A 360 (orange) is

the Salisbury-Devizes road and the A 3086 (yellow) leads towards Larkhill.


But more accurately 'The Rec' is where the Blue rectangle is shown nearby.


It is the club-house for the village football and cricket clubs.




If all else fails, go to the Methodist Church and ask for directions to the 'Rec' - next to the cricket and soccer fields.


Start :


Remember Willie's opening session on "RightSLE for dotNet" is 'first up', so make sure you are in your seats

in good time for the 3.00 pm start.


PHH - for DevShare Team - May 4th. 2010.