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Registration - Costs and Payment

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Attendee places are likely to be in great demand, so payment with registration is best made ASAP.

[I will be in touch soon - Feb. 17th. today ... some have paid, and others are in the process ... ]


To improve things over the arrangements for the 2009 event, we are proposing the following :-


Attendees register for the event as early as possible, and by sending a cheque or by direct payment.


A fee of £49 is required for registration.


[ Payment is to contribute to premises rental and some other overheads. However, it also covers food

and refreshments during the two and a half days, as well as a FREE BBQ if weather permits - otherwise indoors. ]


For this relatively small amount of money we have some impressive international speakers for you to

enjoy, and maybe even be entertained by also ;O))


The money is to be paid by cheque to Phil Hepburn - made out to "Philip H. Hepburn", or (preferably),

paid electronically by a 'BACS type' direct payment into a business bank account.


Payment needs to have been completed before attending the venue in Shrewton.  Receipts will be sent electronically

to those who request it - one has already gone out. [VAT is not charged - please note.]


No restrictions on attendee numbers are now expected, we have plenty of space, BUT, please still register as

early as possible - we the organising committee have some heavy financial commitments this year, so please help

by registering early.


The event Team is very much focused on promoting Vulcan and helping colleagues, so 'general interest' type

guys and colleagues will have to just attend and enjoy what is planned for our 'target audience'.  You will not be

disappointed, I can assure you of that.


Direct payment from your bank is made to the account with Sort Code 30-xx-xx and account number 007xxxxx.

[ full bank account details on request, when you mail me to register]


Any International attendee will have to pay cash at the time - BUT - please make sure your British currency is legal tender.

And, I am more than happy to accept Euros in payment too.


Last year we had some 'out of date' sterling paper money which caused the local hotels and bars some problems ;-)


When you pay directly to the event account, please also send an email to me (Phil) at the mailbox :-


saying your name, where you are coming from, and the date and time of your payment - along with the bank you are with.


Sending your sort code and account number may also help identify payment and stop any problems arising.


I will circulate more on registration and payment nearer the time.



PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.