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Focus of the Event

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Helping VO/VN colleagues coming to the dotNet world and Vulcan, in a serious way.


The event is for those wishing to Transport existing VO applications, and create new VN apps.

[ and now we have the bigger hall, anyone who is genuinely interested in modern software development ]


We will attempt to focus on Visual Studio (VS) 2010, as it will be a few weeks old by then.  And if that is not possible

for all sessions / speakers, then at least VS2008 will be used.

[ Currently the VS2010 launch by Microsoft is scheduled for April 12th. - it would appear. ]


This year's event will build on that of 2009, in that we will have colleagues experienced in VO Transportaion of big

apps, readily available to help and guide others.  You are very lucky to have this facility to hand, so come along

and "get a slice".


Time will be set aside between presentations (as last year) to allow attendees to try and Transport apps, and seek help

with the process.  Or in fact do any other Vulcan coding with which they may need some help and advice.


[ Dave and Bev Francis had a huge success at last year's event - come and talk with them !! ]


The session material is also targeted at helping those new to VN to approach some common 'things' in the most helpful way.


"Hindsight is a wonderful thing!"


Attendees can get up to speed by hearing what 'NOT to do' as well as what may be best to try first ;-)


Also remember, Chris and Robert have a HUGE amount of knowledge available to help would-be "Transporters".

They are prepared to help any attendee - there and then.


If you need help, and don't ask for it, you have only yourself to blame.


There is absolutely no problem about letting me know before hand if you will need help and advice in any particular way.

The event is aimed at attendees and their needs - so please remember that.


Phil Hepburn will be available with his PC to show and explain any parts of ClickStart and the wide range of demo apps

associated with his development over the past three years.



PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.