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Some 'visual' thoughts on last year !!

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Mr. Mysterioso had this to say afterwards :


“Friendly, informal atmosphere and genuine willingness to assist each other in any way possible to develop Vulcan .NET applications.


Brilliant to have so much knowledge and experience available in one place.


We were delighted to have been able to convert a mission critical library from VO to Vulcan and then test it successfully under .NET.”


[ He is sometimes know as Guilliano Guitari ... read section five to understand fully ;-) ]


DevShare 'rocks' man !





Look where the 'Transporter' left me !!





Its VERY cool baby !!!





Robert got me out of a BIG hole !!!!




Disclaimer :-


Any similarity between the face in these images and anyone you think you

know, is simply quite impossible.



[Nick Tracey was the first to volunteer for DevShare 2009 - and camped near Stonehenge! ]


Nick had a great time, and stayed till the Sunday morning - he said .. "next time I won't

pitch my tent next to Archie" ... Archie was Scottish biker !!


DevShare Team

February 2010.