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Special Feature - "The Book" !

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All of us attending this year's event will be privileged to be addressed by the author of the first Vulcan book.


He will  talk us through what is on-hand in the many pages he has written.  It is necessary in my opinion to

have this 'guiding' session.


Having been lucky enough to read most of the many chapters, I can say that it is a 'must' for any guy wishing

to start VN coding.


I am also well aware that I have benefited hugely from the pre-reading, and the results are reflected in my offerings

in Pearls and on my website


As well as giving a large number of practical 'working through code' sections, AJB also does a good job at trying

to educate readers on important issues, which are not quite so graphical, or indeed colourful.  'Necessary' is a

good word to use here!


Those issues which at first sight may appear to be theoretical and less fun than GUI related tasks.  However, I don't

think I have seen, or read, any section which is not necessary to even the standard guy developing applications

for the majority of typical clients.


Lets just hope Alwyn takes his time on this one, and does not try and tell us everything at virtually one go ;-)

He is primed to make it a detailed 'overview' rather than an in-depth session.


Well done AJB - an excellent book, and I suspect a companion to many of us in the future.


I already use it when I get stuck ;O))


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.