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Sponsors - Details

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Thanks must go to this years sponsors.


We have four sponsors which have made this year's event possible, and allowed the organising committee to

keep the fees to attendees as low as possible.


However, this year we have managed to contribute to travelling expenses of some of our esteemed presenters.


It also needs to be said that some presenters were kind enough to pay their own travel costs, in order to make

things possible for the organisers - Thanks a LOT guys !!




Great Bear


Sybase - ADS



Executive Launcher


It may interest some to know that pelican and Great Bear are local companies from the Cardiff (Wales UK) area

for who I have provided software development and support services for many, many, years.


First systems were written in Clipper 5.2a I seem to recall.  The most effective system being firmly based on VO,

where we had the luxury of a complete re-write.  A rare luxury indeed, as many will appreciate at this time of possible

transportation to Vulcan.NET.


Although both companies were using DBF and VO solutions  until quite recently, they are now firmly based on SQL

Server 2005, with SAGE products.


PHH - For the organising committee

Sunday, May 2nd. 2010.