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Venue 2010, Maps & Directions

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Maps and other details will be shown here of the Recreation Hall in Shrewton, this is NOT where last year's event

took place - BUT - about 400 meters difference.


The post code details below have been corrected, and are now for the 'Rec' and not where we were last year.


*** News Update *** We now have a bigger and better hall just around the corner - plenty of parking on hand too!


Set your SatNavs !!


The UK postcode of the hall is :-  'SP3 4JX' , so you can enter this in your SatNav details etc.


{I will try and get new longitude and latitude values from AJB for the 'Rec' hall - watch this space.} Thanks AJB !!!


Grid: SU 06919 44451

Latitude: 51.199234N

Longitude: 1.902355W

DMS: 51:11:57.243N 1:54:8.480W


{These won't be exact because they are taken from the PostCode pointer on Google Maps which is about 100 metres

too far south. }


Those coming on bicycles, just find Stonehenge and ask for Alwyn ;-)


The 'Recreation Hall' has been firmly booked by AJB for this year.  It has a useful kitchen with good

facilities - the hall area is much larger than last year and any local attendee may wish to remember to bring a LONG

power extension wire, as a large hall area means that the wall power sockets are much further away !!


These facilities allow us to have very nice food provided directly to us - courtesy of a marvellous lady called Gay.


Alwyn just happens to be so lucky that he has 24/7 service form this wonderful person ;O)  However, I think AJB

does more washing up at home - as his dishwasher is not so large.


Watch this space for more colourful images etc. etc. [ ... if you wish to find the venue on Google Maps yourself - just

type in SP3 4JX ... and print off directions. ]





Below is the map of the' Recreation Hall' - this now takes the place of the Methodist Hall we used last year.


*** Please Note *** any returning attendee (like Dieter!) will need to navigate their way to this new venue, even though

it is only a short distance away.  Possibly 400 meters or so.


The Post Code for 'The Rec' is 'SP3 4JX', highlighted at 'A' on the map of Shrewton below.  The A 360 (orange) is

the Salisbury-Devizes road and the A 3086 (yellow) leads towards Larkhill.





Good Luck !


PHH - for DevShare Team

February 2010.